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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 23, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> good morning. looking at the forecast. it's going to be a mild day. highs in the '60s, very springlike. in the '70s to the south of town. you will notice the wind today but especially tomorrow. if that will pick up on friday and saturday. live super doppler 7 shows areas of light rain moving through the potomac highlands, west virginia, western maryland could get clipped by a few sprinkles. otherwise, we will remain dry locally. 45 degrees in leesburg. 47 the right now in fort belvoir. highs in the the 60's this afternoon with a breeze and partly cloudy. >> in good shape as far as traffic around the beltway. overnight construction moved out of the way. looks good in tysons. nothing on 395. 66 in falls church. looks good at the wilson bridge and american legion. no complications in the district. b-w parkway, a vehicle went off
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the highway northbound near the pepsi plant. that's near 202 coming out of the district. southbound has nothing complicated to report. in maryland, the beltway at new hampshire avenue looks very quiet. more to come and newschopper 7 in a little while. >> it took a jury a matter of hours to return a verdict in the uva murder trial. they found george huguely guilty of second-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. >> and guilty of grand larceny and recommended a total sentence of 26 years. brianne carter is in charlottesville this morning with reaction to the verdict. >> good morning. after two long emotional weeks of testimony, and nine long hours of deliberations the sentence was handed down by the jury. they recommend george huguely
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get 26 years behind bars. 24-year-old george huguely now faces more than two decades behind bars after being convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the death of his ex-girlfriend yeardley love. >> he holdsis hopeful spiritual, and we look forward to some corrections in what happened here tonight. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but lost everywhere. -- loss. our hearts go out to the family of zero yeardley love -- family of yeardley love. >> her mother said it is still with me from sunup to sundown and.
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>> a terrible tragedy. i am glad it was finally put to justice. >> love's family issued a statement saying, "our hearts burst with pride when we think of her accomplishments but melt when we remember her great compassion and kindness." the judge could hand down a sentence on april 15. the jury recommended 26 years. reporting live in charlottesville, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. people in his hometown are speaking out about his conviction. >> i wish he got a first-degree murder, but at least the got convicted of murder. seems that was pretty obvious from the beginning. >> i think it was not premeditated but i do think that
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he should not leave jail ever. >> people we spoke with said they understand young people make bad choices but this is a crime that took a life. and that must be punished. that is what chevy chase residents are saying. stay with abc seat7 4 continuing coverage of the verdict and you can share your thoughts on our facebook page. >> tonight is your chance to tear your concerns about the crime wave in northwest d.c. d.c. councilman mary cheh will host a community meeting tonight. john gonzalez as more this morning for us from d.c. police headquarters >> . good morning. earlier this month d.c. police chief cathy lanier said the these crimes are overwhelming and even though two dozen arrests have been made, the crimes have continued. nearly six under robbers in the district so far this year, many of them in upper northwest and many of the suspects armed with guns and knives. >> i'd think anybody would be
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concerned by that. i had not dared the numbers were that high. >> city leaders tonight will join police and residents at a middle school to discuss the recent escalation in violent crime. police data shows 40% of the robberies and the rest involve a smartphone or electronic device. >> police need to engage with the community more. >> open to stop the next attack, the guardian angels have stepped up their vigilance this week. at logan circle, the site of the two latest attacks. they are offering self-defense class is this weekend. >> it is a crime of opportunity. we try to make people aware. >> the crimes have gotten so bad the police chief is calling on wireless companies to allow users to set off their device is remotely. the meeting tonight starts a 7:00 p.m. at beale middle
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school. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> suspected in one of the largest leaks of classified information in u.s. history scheduled to be in court today. bradley manning will be arraigned at fort meade on 22 counts including aiding the enemy. prosecutors say that he gave thousands of documents to the wikileaks website. if convicted, he could face life in prison. 5:06 this morning 45 degrees in winchester this morning >> . still ahead, a look back at last night's republican presidential debate. how romney tried to stop santorum's momentum. >> summer legislators honored -- --- how
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>> thursday morning, time for looked at traffic and weather as we do every 10 minutes. >> let's start this time with lisa baden and a look at the roads. >> in good shape for the most part. geese and travel times on the beltway, 95 in baltimore 66 270 between father hurley
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boulevard, the dulles greenway. 95 near thornburg exit, a tractor-trailer on its side. only one to the left is getting by but northbound is open. in cheverly, northbound coming out of the district near the pepsi plant near 202, there's an accident. >> we will rise into the sixties this afternoon. it will be warmer than yesterday. a little disturbance moving through the atmosphere. that's why we have a light rain in west virginia and parts of. of. to the far northwest of the metro area we cannot rule out a few isolated sprinkles this morning and again in the afternoon. 46 in frederick, 43 in manassas. well into the 60s today. low 70's possible south of the
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metro in culpeper, stafford, spotsylvania. yukobaristas today and especially breezy tomorrow. in the 40's on the weekend. >> we do have a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia. multiple lanes on 66 westbound and exit 49 at the beltway south to 66 westbound will be closed because of construction work. 9:00 tonight until 6:00 tomorrow morning. be aware. construction will be done to ease congestion in the long run in that area. >> metro wants to know what you think about how it operates and -- it wants you to go to its web site and fill out a survey as well as potential fare hikes. metro says it is part of an effort to reach out to public. it includes open houses and public hearings. the survey remains open until
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monday, march 12 of. >> local legislators found a way to reach out on ash wednesday. member is a st. george's episcopal church in arlington distributed ashes outside the virginia square metro station during the evening rush-hour. it marks the beginning of lent which ends on easter sunday. >> that its ultimate convenience. 5:12 this morning, 46 in burke. >> threatening letters sent to congressional offices containing powdery substance. >> and gop contenders for the white house met for their 20th debate last night. today my journey continues across the golden state, where everyone has been unbelievably nice. mornin'. i guess i'm helping them save hundreds on car insurance. it probay also doesn't hurt that i'm a world-famous advertising icon. cheers!
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>> you're watching abc 7's good morning washington with cynne
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simpson abndnd steve chenevey. >> a stop humanitarian official from the united nations will go to syria after two journalists and died in the shelling. her last report was on a baby who die during tuesday's helling. a person sent threatening letters to several members of congress including house speaker john boehner. the notes included a white powdery substance proven to be harmless. the letters had a return address from portland, oregon. the senator asked for an end to corporate money and lobbying in one of the letters. >> the president has signed a bill extending the social security payroll tax cut through the end of the year. congress approved the legislation last week.
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the bill also extends jobless benefits for long-term unemployed and prevents a big cuts in payments to doctors who treat medicare patients. last night we heard tough talk. the republican presidential candidates held their last debate before the big contests --before two big contests. >> jummy olabanji is in a satellite center, joining us with a recap of the debate. morning. >> \ good morning. so far seems like it is a two- man race or the republican nomination. rick santorum has been rising to the top lately but mitt romney is not making it easy and neither are the other candidates. >> former massachusetts governor mitt romney. former senator from pennsylvania rick santorum. >> the two have been going back and forth for weeks now. but last night it was ron paul who slammed rick santorum every chance he got. >> there's a new television ad you
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have that label him a fake. >> because he is. >> the former pennsylvania senator and has been on the campaign trail portraying himself as a washington outsider. but in last night's debate romney for santorum to defend his washington record. >> while i was fighting to save the olympics your fighting to save a bridge to nowhere. >> analysts say that romney was successful. >> i voted for that. it was against the principles i believed in. >> romney has the lead in arizona, but in his home state of michigan some polls show him trailing santorum. a poll this morning shows 40% of republicans are dissatisfied with the current field which could mean good news for president obama as the country inches closer to election day. last night's debate may have been a last chance for the candidates to shake things up. there are no more scheduled
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debates before next week's primaries in arizona and michigan. none are scheduled before super tuesday a, which is march 6 when voters in 10 states go to the polls. in a satellite center, jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> the pope is reaching out to the public and using social media. >> here is rob nelson. >> a sobering smartphone statistic. 12 million americans were victims of identity theft last year. smartphone users or three times more likely to be victims. sony's playstation vida is finally on store shelves. john lannan gives the game high marks for providing a rich and portable game experience. correct you get controls and a touch screen experience. and the screen is beautiful. and functionality that you might look for in a cell phone. there's a web browser and some
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applications >> . it starts at $260. this year you can receive a tweet each day from pope benedict, available in many languages, during lent. anyone can sign up for that. i am rob nelson. >> thanks so much. traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> let's check in with lisa baden. >> traffic is pretty good for the most part. normal travel times. don't procrastinate. minor crashed northbound on the baltimore-washington parkway at 202 already gone. a tractor-trailer on its side. southbound 95 south of fredericksburg near thornburg exit. traffic is able to get through. i have a live picture. everybody knows their place. lockdown 395 at duke street is good up to the pentagon. we won't go over to maryland and look at 29 out of columbia
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passed trader joe's and into silver spring, quiet in both directions. back to you. >> thank you. live super doppler 7 radar areas of light rain and in west virginia and putting parts of. . isolated sprinkles cannot rule out in the potomac highlands this morning and again this afternoon. locally we will be dry today and tomorrow despite a chance of rain outside the metro area. 48 right now in washington, 45 in winchester. we got some light rain last night's in the metro area and especially south of town. almost a half-inch of rain in the northern neck of virginia including the thunder and lightning last night. clear skies to start the day. a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day expected. temperatures today, well into the 60's. low 70's in central virginia. culpeper fredericksburg,
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stafford spotsylvania, likely in the low 70's. a developing system will drop colder air into canada. the colder air from canada tomorrow will settle into place friday afternoon and into the weekend. barry springlike. don't get used to it. temperatures will be back where they should be by the weekend. a little windy today but especially friday into saturday. gerry gustin. gusts up to 45 miles an hour the next couple days. 48 right now in the district and the lexington park. 46 in martinsburg and 50 in cumberland. downright windy tomorrow. still in the 50's60's for the first half of the day. temperatures dropping on the weekend. >> 45 degrees in winchester. >> another night. tim brant recaps how ottawa
5:22 am
went medieval. >> teachers accused of spraying on children. how to protect your children from sex offenders.
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>> one free throw made. the running shot. >> that's not going to work. mcgee has the sports world talking again. that's because that was more like a volleyball swap. the wizards went on to lose the game to sacramento. 115-107. >> the wizards have lost four in a row. a record of 7-26. >> the capitals in the midst of a three-game split as well. tim brant has more. >> the capitals were running out of time. they are in the danger zone with
5:26 am
regard to the playoffs and it is not -- it is getting more serious every day. they have only won three games since february and have 21 games. they are showing no signs of the urgency. let me take you back to canada. tomas vokoun was under siege again. carl ericson reps this shot. he added a pair of assists on the night. the struggle to find a rhythm in the game. it was two to zero. tomas vokoun was pulled. the capitals lose 5-2. that is three straight losses of washington and serious trouble for the capitals as we head toward tournament time. have a great day, everyone. >> thanks so much. 5:26 48 degrees in the west. the news continues at 5:30. >> in the next half-hour, a local council member trying to address a crime wave in
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northwest d.c. >> a verdict and a recommended sentence handed down in the uva murder trial. i agree and carter and in charlottesville with more coming up. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. i hope you are ready for spring conditions today into tomorrow. i will be back to talk temperatures and look at wow, ok
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yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> there are no winners in this case. there's nothing but loss everywhere >> . straight ahead, it took a jury nine hours to reach a verdict in the uva murder trial. now george huguely faces up to
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26 years in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. good morning, washington. it's thursday, deborah 23. i'm steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast. -- february 23. >> we've reached 63 degrees yesterday. the upper 60's expected today in the metro area. a mild start, 48 in the district, 46 at dulles airport. areas of light rain in west virginia. that will be the case even this afternoon. locally, partly cloudy well into the '60s expected and a little present. >> southbound 95 virginia, a tractor-trailer on its side before thornburg. everything is open northbound. 66 looks good. all clear on 395. a good run on the beltway. live picture and new hampshire ave. metro rail on normal service.
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now to a news. >> there is some closure perhaps for the family of yeardley love, found murdered in may of 2010 in her room. >> a jury last night found her ex-boyfriend guilty of second- degree murder. brianne carter is live in charlottesville with reactions from the community. >> it was a very long and emotional day for both sides in the case. the jury recommend george huguely spend 26 years behind bars. convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny. throughout the day a nine-our jury deliberation went on. they passed to the judge several questions for clarification in the case before they handed down the verdict. after the verdict, love's mother and sister took the stand during the sentencing phase of the trial. emotional testimony from both of them speaking about what life is
5:32 am
like now without her. that is when the jury and recommended george huguely spent 26 years in jail after that. the prosecution and defense spoke briefly about the case afterwards. >> he is hopeful, his spiritual and we look forward to soem corrections -- some corrections in what happened here tonight. >> there's nothing we can say that will make good the terrible and tragic loss to the love family. >> a number of people in this community say that they are glad this is finally coming to an end after two years of a lot of emotions in charlottesville. you heard the defense say they would like to make some corrections. it's not clear what they were talking about. when asked about an appeal,
5:33 am
there was no answer. we understand george huguely will be back in court for sentencing scheduled for april 25. reporting live in charlottesville, brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> the murder had a statewide impact. last year the virginia general assembly passed a law that if expands criteria under which people can see protective orders. that allows people in dating relationships or pratincole workers or they could more easily obtain such an order. exports conversation at colleges and universities on how to improve policies and services for students dealing with abuse. two people and injured in a shooting in southeast washington. >> this happened in the 600 block of forrester st.. one man was shot in the back and a second man shot in the abdomen. not clear what led to the shooting. so far, no arrests made in the case. we don't know the victims' conditions this morning. the five people hurt in a car crash in the west in 1800 block
5:34 am
of seventh street. and they are looking into what caused the accident. >> no. was d.c. crime wave, councilwoman mary cheh will hold a community safety meeting tonight. police chief cathy lanier will be there to address president's concerns. there have been more than 600 robberies on d.c. streets since january 1 and many have been in upper northwest. tonight's meeting starts a 7:00 in the cafeteria a cureat beall elementary school in northwest d.c. >> a job fair will be held for veterans and military spouses capped at the washington hilton at 1919 connecticut avenue no question day. the event runs from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. more than six organizations will be there including microsoft u.s. energy department, and home depot. >> prince george's county executive rushern baker called on maryland lawmakers to allow the casino to be built in prince george's county. he testified yesterday and backs a plan to build a casino with
5:35 am
slot machines and table games and national harbor but it is opposed bye-bye some lawmakers -- is opposed by some lawmakers. it's 35 degrees in manchester. >> still ahead a disturbing scene at an elementary school in washington state. what police are saying about the shooting of a third grader. >> and last night, the republican presidential debate. how the candidates sparred before next week's critical primaries. >> and traffic and weather. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] offering four distinct driving modes andexus' dynamic handling the next generation of lexus will not be contained.
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>> i am at the bakery in northern virginia. come and find out why i was rated pastry chef of the year. >> good morning, washington. >> 5:38 on this thursday morning. a few areas of light rain in west virginia. some of that could cross into the shenandoah valley early this morning. otherwise, a few sprinkles here and there this morning northwest of town and this afternoon. a few sprinkles tonight. first half of the day tomorrow, isolated showers. temperatures will be the big headline. we could get a little sunshine as well. 48 in the district right now 45 in frederick. temperatures will climb well into the 60s today. warmer than yesterday.
5:39 am
upper 60's locally, low 70's south of the metro. partly cloudy and a little breezy. mostly cloudy tonight, a few isolated showers. mild, near 60 through the nighttime. in the 60's for the first half of the day tomorrow. >> the commute looks pretty good. making plans, you can go to the gym and take your time. nothing major to report if that could change. -- and that could change. metro rail and drv reporting normal service. in good shape on 75there's a tractor-trailer stuck on the guard rail in frederick maryland on 75 south of interstate 70. and a tractor-trailer turned over on 95 south before the thornburg exit which is south of fredericksburg. northbound 95, this is out of newington to the beltway, looks good. back to you. >> thank you.
5:40 am
i want to turn to vote 2012. romney dorm shoring up their campaigns after a bitter debate last night. >> i don't believe you can be anything but a fiscal conservative and run a business. >> i will represent 100% of americans and we are not raising taxes on anybody. >> arizona and michigan primaries just five days away. romney has a lead in arizona by four points. newt gingrich and ron paul trailing in both states. >> and 8-year-old girl critically injured after being shot at a washington state's elementary school. it happened yesterday near seattle. police say the little girl was hit by a bullet from a gun that was in another third grader's backpack. that third grade boy being held on several charges now. investigators are trying to figure out how he got the gun. investigators say it was a disciplinary issue that led to a
5:41 am
double shooting in connecticut's rehabilitation hospital. one hospital and police shot and wounded two supervisors at the facility near hartford. both are in serious but stable condition. police arrested the suspected gunman a short time later and his home near the hospital. 5:41 right now. it will warm up nicely today, near 70 degrees. cracks coming up, there's a twist in the debate over controversial bill related to abortion. how va's governor has changed his stance. >> counting down to the academy awards. billy crystal
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>> a big announcement tonight about one of television's most popular shows. alex is revealing a secret to me tonight. it's all about washington, d.c. his big announcement tonight at 5:00. >> i look forward to that. in the meantime, virginia
5:45 am
governor bob mcdonnell is withdrawing his support for controversial bill related to abortion in virginia. yesterday he now says he opposes requiring invasive ultrasound for women seeking abortion. advocates from both sides weighed in on what role politics played in the announcement. >> this does not call into question the governor posted -- >> he is a republican governor in a swing state. >> after the announcement, the house of delegates approved an amended bill that requires only an external ultrasound. georgetown university law student sandra fluke will finally get a chance to testify on capitol hill about birth control. she was supposed to testify opposing the mandate that health insurance companies cover contraceptives. republicans would not let her
5:46 am
speak. but today she will be the sole witness at a house hearing on women's health. >> marylanders's senate will begin debating legalizing same- sex marriage. senators could vote on a bill tomorrow. the house of delegates approved last week. governor o'malley says he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. if it happens, it will join d.c. and several other states in legalizing same-sex marriage. >> the countdown to the oscars. work is ahead of schedule in hollywood and producers are banking on good weather for a sunday's show. >> billy crystal to is the host for the ninth time. what exactly should we expect? diana alvear has more. >> who could forget billy crystal as he opens the academy awards in 1992? or any of the other seven times the beloved comedian has hosted the oscars? get ready, because he is back.
5:47 am
>> we are charged with tracking down a legends. >> his seven-year hiatus from posting was spoofed by the academy as they journeyed to find him. >> you could have just tex ted. >> he came up to their aid after comments by the director originally chosen was forced to resign and eddie murphy dropped out as well. that is when they convinced billy crystal to come back. >> i think he will deliver on every front. >> after last year's hosts were widely panned, no surprise the academy is serving up something familiar and reliably successful. >> billy crystal has been working on movie skips that will
5:48 am
open the door and they are outrageous >> . billy crystal may be a little older, but he is more than ready for one more round as master of ceremonies. >> to find a way to come back, there's so much expected of this. if we tell people to please lower your expectations. >> diana alvear, abc news. >> the pressure is on. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night. i'm teaming up with arch campbell to take you down the red carpet for all things oscar. we will look at the fashion the stars, and more. that's at 8:00 tomorrow night. >> i cannot wait. >> jeremy lin moving to block other people trying to patent lin-sanity. >> linda has more from bloomberg. >> jeremy lin on the offensive over lin-sanity. the basketball star putting up his own patent for the word,
5:49 am
challenging others. his lawyers say that they are prepared to enforce his rights and possibly put the name on bags, cups toys, and beverages. stock-index futures indicating a slightly flat opening. we will see how that does. the pope is stepping up his social media exposure. pope benedict putting out a tweet every day during lent in 140 characters. linda bell reporting from bloomberg headquarters in new york for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. that's the challenge for the pope under 140 characters. still time to enter our facebook pipa
5:50 am
way this week. you could win an ipad 2,. >> this is always a very popular contest. all you have to do is go to we will announce the winner tomorrow on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> legacy of the spring lovers will be the big winners today. >> warmer and a little breezy today and especially been the tomorrow into saturday as we get the transition from the warm weather back to where we should be. the cold will be here by the weekend. let's look at live super doppler 7 radar. light rain moving through west virginia, falling apart as it crosses into the shenandoah valley. winchester will get a sprinkle early this morning. we will have isolated sprinkles in the potomac highlands this afternoon. predominately drive for the next few days overall despite some chance of rain in the forecast tonight into tomorrow morning. here is a wider view. we did have rainfall late last
5:51 am
night and much earlier this morning especially south of the metro area. that has cleared away. we will have a warm flow out of the southwest today into tomorrow. this developing low will track our way. the cold front will drop colder air down from canada and moving overhead and to washington friday afternoon and into the weekend. tomorrow we will start the day very mild, probably in the low to mid 60's. by lunchtime but temperatures will drop when they would normally be rising. that is what will happen with the cold front moving into town. a mild start. 50 degrees now in winchester in cumberland 51 in quantico. 51 in annapolis, 48 at reagan national. prize well into the 60s today. about 68 in the district, 72 farther south. spotsylvania culpeper, you could break 70 degrees later on today. added clouds and cooler north west of town, near 60 degrees in
5:52 am
the potomac highlands with a few sprinkles. up to about 25 miles ourand our four degrees today. gusting up to 40 miles an hour tomorrow on friday. especially with a friday evening into saturday. temperatures drop on saturday, upper 40's for the high temperature over the weekend. the wind will subside by saturday night into sunday. that's the forecast. >> we have an old problem, on southbound 95 virginia south of fredericksburg? all the way to thornburg, a tractor-trailer accident. is able to get by. southbound on 95 just before the thornburg exit. we will take you to the geico traffic camera director if of 95 traffic. northbound is the headlights. looks good out of newington into springfield. back to you. >> thank you. 5:52, 46 degrees in stafford.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> will lin-sanity ever end? there's a book in the works about the nba's sensation jeremy lin. >> the book is titled "jeremy lin." it promises fans a look at the new york knicks player. that will be out in stores in may. >> a woman said she found our
5:56 am
nation's first president in a fast-food meal. >> rebecca said that her chicken and looks like george washington. she has kept this in her freezer three years and only takes it out to show family and friends. >> there is an eye. pearl that goes through the side of his hair. the ruffles on the shirt. >> you see it? >> no. i see it now. >> you can put in your bid for on the bay. so far the leading bidder is $100. she hopes that it will get more because she wants to help send 50 kids from her church tour youth camp. >> i also think that i see it shrek. much more to come in the next
5:57 am
hour. >> a guilty verdict in the uva murder trial, what both sides are saying about his recommended prison sentence of 26 years. >> and lisa baden help you navigate your thursday morning commute in traffic and weather
5:58 am
>> straight ahead, 26 years in
5:59 am
prison. a jury convicts a former uva student of killing his ex- girlfriend. we have reaction. >> if you do not valid for but did you go out of business. >> it has become a two-man race for the republican presidential nomination. >> and big changes to a controversial abortion bill. why virginia governor bob mcdonnell has backed down. >> later, whirling out the red carpet for the academy awards. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is thursday, february 23. at live look at the sky above the district. getting ready for a delicious taste of spring. i'm cynne simpson. >> and adam caskey will join us in a minute within nice forecast. first, a look at the roads. >> i am hear


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